You guys… it has been years since this little journal has gotten any love. YEARS. I made a deal with myself that I would do everything I could to give it what it deserves from here on out. So much has changed since I was here last. I’ve been in three different studios, opened the boutique, honed in on my niche, and photographed many, many, many babes, kiddos, and families

I have an abundance of amazing sessions to share with you all. First up… these two little sweeties that are definitely winning at twinning.

I got to meet these boys when they were already almost three months old (if you don’t know, newborn sessions typically take place within twenty days after birth). They spent quite some time in the NICU before they were able to come home. What a couple of little warriors they are! I’m always in awe of NICU families. The strain that must put on a family is just huge, especially in a place like Sheridan where families with NICU babes are always sent hours away. I just can’t even imagine. After talking to the parents of these boys I was blown away with all that it entailed for them to have not one, but TWO, babies in the NICU. I think mama and daddy are warriors in this story, too. They handled it so gracefully and with such stride. Well done, guys!

I get asked a lot if I photographer multiples and I sure do. In fact, not only have I photographed twins, but also triplets, and quadruplets! It is always such an incredible feeling to be invited into people’s lives to capture their most precious of treasures, whether it’s one baby, two babies, or three or four… it never gets old!