Sometimes I joke with parents that when I wrap babies up that it’s like a baby straight jacket and that it’s a sure fire way to find out which babies might grow up to be ninjas. There’s babies that snuggle right in and go fast to sleep and then there are those few that are serious ninjas; they squirm and kick and pop their little arms and legs out faster than I can wrap them back up and tuck them in. It’s actually really comical. They aren’t fussy or upset or uncomfortable, they just bust out, like a ninja. It’s almost like they’re saying “Hey! I’ve been cooped up for nine months! I’m free now and I’ll stretch out if I want to!” Well, this little man was a ninja at its finest. Full blown NINJA. On top of that, he didn’t want to miss a beat. He had those bright wide eyes for 99% of the session. In fact, I think his eyes only closed to blink. And maybe for two minutes at one point. It was the funniest thing. He would furrow his little brow and stare right at my eyes. If he could talk I think he’d ask me what the heck was going on. He was so curious. Never upset, but always awake. While the typical newborn session consists of sleepy babies, it’s sometimes a sweet little change of pace to get a baby that is all eyes. There is so much depth in a baby’s eyes. This boy was no exception.