the photographer

I am first, and foremost, a mama. My husband and four children are the loves of my life. They are my tribe; the gatekeepers to my heart and the drive behind all that I do. My greatest achievements are my babies. 

I am a seeker of light, a sap for animals, lover of all things baby, and a collector of moments. I am a dreamer who sees in color and loves to be among the trees. To me, the mountains feel like home. I love music that soothes my soul and the smell of a campfire. I'm a sucker for good books and lazy Saturday mornings with my people. 

Photography is extension of who I am. I see in frames, even when I'm without my camera. It has given me the ability to freeze moments; to bottle up a feeling and save it for another day. The joy in working with families, children, and babies is immense. I have to pinch myself regularly to be sure it's not a dream. Not many people love their job as much as I do! 

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