Today I kicked off my month of mini holiday sessions (details coming soon!!!) with a bang! Here is the first of many. I couldn’t think of a better way to start the fun. Not only was the weather incredibly gorgeous for November 1, but the fall colors are still going strong. Yay!

This family is so gorgeous and so easy to photograph. These kiddos adore their mom and dad just as much as mom and dad adore them. Big sis… she sure loves that baby brother of hers! It was absolutely precious watching her interact with him. My 8 year old son was watching me as I was editing and said, about their little girl, “She is beautiful, mom!”. I agree. Such a sweet one, too! And that baby! He’s the kind of baby that gives me baby fever… perfect disposition, laid back, and easy to snuggle. I know they are enjoying every second with him.