Let’s talk genetics. This tiny girl definitely got some good genes, that’s for sure! Her mom and grandma (mom’s mom) came along for the session and we chatted about genetics because of her cowlick. I told mom about my son’s double cowlick in the back, the one that caused him to be born with a mohawk and she said “Oh! I bet he’s left handed, too!” Sure enough, he does use his left hand for many things. It’s crazy to me that so many things about you are decided purely because of your genetics. I used to not be able to see it when people would say that a baby looked like one of their parents, but now, at all of my sessions, I can see it right away. It’s so amazing to me that some babies look like mom and some look like dad and some are perfect morphs of the two of them. The mama of this babe was very well versed on the topic and it was so interesting to hear her talk about it. It was the perfect conversation for a newborn session, really. I loved that I got to see three generations of their genes, as well. I love when grandparents come along to newborn sessions!! They are so incredibly adoring of their grandchild… it’s absolutely precious to witness. This threesome was amazing. Every one of them was wonderful to have. And she was an absolute joy to photograph.