I love the fact that I can head back to Wyoming every summer and get to see some of my past clients! It means so much to me to know that miles and miles can’t keep me from photographing some of my favorite families that I have had the pleasure of capturing throughout the years.

The first photos I took of this sweet girl was when she was only a couple days old… six years ago!!! And I’ll never forget her first birthday session. She has always been such a little lover! This go ’round, we got to have mommy join us and we had so much fun! These beautiful girls make my job so stinking easy! I hope I get to continue to photograph them for years and years to come.

I could have spent all day with these two. We played with bugs, pushed dollies, climeb to new rooftops, and even stopped for donuts! I absolutely loved our time together. Thanks, you two! Until next time…