I’m gonna be honest here… the weather this day was absolutely horrid. I’m talking about cold, rainy, and dark kind of horrid. Not ideal for family pictures.  We found somewhere that the trees helped to keep us dry, which was a great help. But this family was nothing short of awesome! Which was even better. I know that had this been my family my kids would have been

1. seeking out the deepest, muckiest of puddles to kick, splash and jump in

2. rolling in mud


3. giving our photographer a run  marathon for their money

So, huge kudos to this great family for hanging in there for me, despite the nasty weather conditions.

I’ve always loved big families. And these guys are just one more reason to keep feeling that way. Talk about a fun and loving group of people. All of the kids have their very own and unique sense of self, but put together, they make such a beautiful group… they all fit just right.