Cheeky Monkeys | Sheridan Wyoming Family and Children Photographer

This family has been so much fun to work with. These little boys are hilarious! They love to play and monkey around and have a good time, just like little boys should. Of course, when they’re done with me, they’re done 😉 I just love this whole tribe. I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know them over the past couple years, outside of work, and truly adore them. This mama has such a heart for her boys… she always inspires me. You can tell that she and dad are both loved to no end by the boys. I always laugh when I see a kiddo at a school or in the grocery store after their session. They give me these eyes like “I know I know you….” Big brother has given me a few of those looks over the past year, but now that he knows my youngest and we see each other more often, I’ll get a big smile and “hello”. Fills me with joy when my little clients are happy to see me. The light and location was perfectly dreamy for us this particular day. I can’t think of a more beautiful family to capture in this scene.

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