This awesome family invited me into their beautiful home to photograph thier precious little bundle of love and his spunky big brother. Only problem… big bro wanted nothing to do with it. I love how uninterested kiddos at this age can be of their baby siblings. They act like “Hey, what’s the big deal?”. Lol! He did, however, show me a lot of headstands. And tennis balls. And snuck a little kiss in for baby right at the end! Really though, he kind of stole my heart. He has the most gorgeous eyes EVER. And was so darn sweet. Just not so sure about holding his baby brother quite yet 😉 Speaking of baby brother… oh my goodness! This little guy was just perfect. Other than the 10 minutes of non-stop hiccups (poor bubba!), he just hung out and let me do whatever I needed to do. Such a lover! And gorgeous, just like his bro. I could have stayed all day and snuggled him. Thank you to this lovely family for spending the day with me and for turning your heat up to a gazillion for the session 😉 I so enjoyed our time together!12bw2C10bw2C8bwC1lb23lb43lb18bw27lb20lb59lb67lb76bw83lb90bw102lb111lb