Baby V | Sheridan Wyoming Newborn Photography

Oh sweet baby V. She stole my heart. A little tiny angel so fresh from Heaven. Nothing I did phased her. She just snuggled right back into a sweet slumber every time we moved her or changed sets. She brought Grandma and Grandpa (and mom) and let’s just take a minute to appreciate how gaga they are for this darling baby. Every squeak, every coo, every yawn, smile, and stretch invoked the same adoration as the last. My mom has always said that having grand babies is the payoff for raising kids. When I saw this set with V I knew it must be true. They were seriously in Grandparent Heaven. But do you blame them? I fell in love with her immediately, too! And I adore her mama so much. Talk about a wonderful family. So much love there. Baby V got a good family. Lucky her. Lucky them <3

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