Emily Robin Photography


As a mama to four, I don’t have the option to take life too seriously. I’m a roll with the punches, fly by the seat of your pants, kind of gal. Which doesn’t always mix well with my introspective nature, but it works, somehow. I am a seeker of light, details, and adventure. I love a hard laugh, a long bath, and a good book. My favorite things to collect are moments. I love the mountains and belong to the trees. I’m a girl meant for summertime; long days, warm starry nights, and sunshine (oh, glorious sunshine!). I am empathetic to a fault. I am silly, playful, and love to dance.

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But, enough about that… Let’s talk about what I’m doing here.

How did I get here and why did I stay?

I didn’t pick up a camera at 7 and know that it was fate for me to be a photographer. I didn’t sit and dream about being a photographer as a teenager. The truth is that I didn’t fully grasp the value of a photograph until I started having my own children. People tell you how fast time goes by, but until you’re fully submerged in the throes of raising tiny humans, you don’t *really* get it. The true reason my passion for photography started was becoming a mother. I ached to hold on to moments for a little while longer. I yearned to go back in time and savor it a bit more. Photography  gave me the ability to freeze moments; to bottle up a feeling and save it for another day. I crave to capture raw and real moments between loved ones, detailed images of sweet baby features, and spunky or timid personalities of children because I want to give you the same opportunity to go back in time every time you revisit your portraits. 

When I capture your family in such a personal way, I know that you are allowing me a figurative seat at your table. When I hold your babies in my hands, I recognize that I am holding your entire world. None of this is lost on me. I am overwhelmingly humbled by the opportunity to be a memory keeper in your journey. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


An artist at work.