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Emily Robin

On life, love and photography….
My addictions include: All things chocolate and all things baby. Snuggling with my kiddos. Photography (of coarse!). Cooking and eating. The mountains. Gardening and dirt. Sewing and pretty fabrics. Knitting and yarn. Being the “room mom”. Laughing… that of my own and of the people I adore. Pinecones. Being in the arms of Mr. Right. Sunshine. The color green. “Sparklies”. Butterflies…in nature and in my tummy. Wildflowers. Good dessert. Trees. Vintage furniture. Mountain air. Music that soothes my soul. Priceless moments spent with people I love. The beach. And did I mention the mountains?

A few confessions: I hate laundry. I think ice cream is suitable for breakfast. I’m a total procrastinator. I have a hard time finishing one thing before starting the next. I work best between the hours of 11 o’clock p.m and 1 o’clock a.m. I bite my nails when in deep thought. I still let my kids sleep with me and Mr. Right. I believe T.V was made only for Grey’s Anatomy and couldn’t care less for it otherwise. I’d rather have dessert for dinner, or breakfast obviously. I typically fly by the seat of my pants. I let my kids stay home from school now and then just because I am greedy and want them all to myself. My chores become neglected if I find myself buried in a good book. I will always miss my children’s babyhood.


I am the mama to 4 and the wife of Mr. Right. Nestled at the base of the Big Horn Mountains in Sheridan, Wyoming. I never, in a million years, thought that I would meet “the one”. Not there. Not in Wyoming. Boy was I wrong! I had a plan…God had a better one. It only took a couple of months to fall in love with Mr. Right. And only a year for him to make me… well, you get the point… Mrs. Right. Ten years and four wonderful children later we are still madly in love. Actually, I love him more and more with every single day that passes. He is my best friend, my rock, my confidant. With a 14, 11,  8, and 5  year old  running around there is never a dull moment in our home. We have a skateboarding maniac, a drama/queen, an adrenaline junkie and the epitome of a curtain climber/tricycle motor (and a junior Mr. Right). That being said, we are always on our toes and with quick feet and full hearts. We have been blessed to the brim with healthy, happy children that provide us with hours of entertainment and lots of love. My husband and children inspire me, refresh me, and empower me. I could not ask for more. Yet, on top of that, I am lucky enough to have the best and most supporting parents and siblings in the universe. My family keeps me afloat… all of them. They help show me what life is really all about. I am forever grateful for this fun and loving group of people I call my family. The ones that test my limits and make me whole.


Photography started as a hobby and grew when I began to watch my children grow and change. I wanted nothing more than to document every single thing about them and their lives. With that, my hobby soon became a passion. Photography became an extension of who I am. I found myself mentally “taking pictures” in my mind… seeing in frames. As poeple began to ask if I’d photograph their families and children, I could never decline. It was a passion that I quickly desired to share. Photography has led me through a journey of self exploration and continues to do so. It has given me the ability to connect the things I see on the outside world like people and places, structures, textures, color and light with the things that occur on the inside such as emotions, inspirations, dreams and relationships. I believe that we are all constantly changing… being molded by life and the things that happen within our lives. To me, all of those things deserve to be documented and recorded so that we all can keep reminders of what makes us who we are today and who we may become tomorrow without losing sight of who we were yesterday. I am so thankful for the opportunity to capture life’s most treasured moments through my lens. Taking everyday occurrences and making them still never grows old.



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